ezmlm-www Project: a Perl web application for reading Ezmlm archives

This project provides a useful web interface for Ezmlm mailing list archives. It extends ezmlm-cgi.c capabilities and features. It's used in production environments by many users all over the world.


As of latest version (1.4.5):

See live examples.

Planned features and development:

There are many planned features, and it's now time to continue delopment. Please join our mailing list to help discussing the Roadmap. There is also a low-traffic announcement mailing list, useful for keeping track of new releases.


Go to SourceForge.net download page.
Installation is very easy, just follow the steps in the README file.
Also, new (and possibly unstable) versions sit in the SVN repository.

You can also:

Miscellaneous documentation:

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ezmlm-www is released under terms of GNU GPL and Artistic Licence.

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