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How to import a mbox file into an ezmlm archive

The mbox UNIX format is still used by many mail clients. You can easily export mail from programs into the mbox format and then importing it somewhere else. You can also import it into an ezmlm archive directory to browse it with ezmlm-www.

First off, you need to create your mailing list directory. Let's suppose you already created it. Now you have to make sure that it's configured as archived and indexed. Move to your directory and type a command:

    cd /path/to/mailing/list/dir
    ezmlm-make -+ -ai `pwd`

Then you'll need my mbox2ezmlm.pl script. Open it with a text editor and configure the following two variables:
$mbox (the path to your mbox file)
$archive (the path to your mailing list directory, followed by two slashes //)

Now launch the script from the command line. It will import everything into your mailing list archive.

Finally, type these commands within your mailing list directory:

    chmod -R 744 archive/*
    ezmlm-idx -d `pwd`
    ezmlm-archive -c `pwd`

Note: remember to chown -R your mailing list directory when you've finished.

Note: your mbox file must contain messages in chronological order.

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