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How to archive a remote mailing list or other source

ezmlm and ezmlm-www may be used together to archive and display any source of e-mail, that is, not just proper ezmlm lists. You may want for example to archive a remote mailing list, or maybe all e-mail sent to a specific e-mail address.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Create a local ezmlm mailing list with ezmlm-make (remember to use the -a and -i options).
  2. Forward mail to this local mailing list (i.e. subscribe it to the remote list)
  3. Open the dir/editor file and remove everything. Insert the following two lines:
    |grep -v -e '^Mailing-List:' | ezmlm-send '/path/to/mailing/list/dir'
    |ezmlm-archive '/path/to/mailing/list/dir' || exit 0
    Note that you should use absolute paths for ezmlm-send and ezmlm-archive.
  4. Enjoy!

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ezmlm-www is released under terms of GNU GPL and Artistic Licence.

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